Designer Clothes

Cuts and patterns of a special kind

Every fashion house has its own style. Anyone who has ever fallen in love with a certain designer brand that will not soon go away with. Designer fashion has something different to offer each season.

“This is not off the shelf – that’s a designer piece! ” A few years ago it would have the advertisement is addressed in awe probably take your breath away. Recently, however, designer fashion has truly become affordable to almost everyone, without losing the flair of exclusivity.

A distinction designer fashion haute couture and prêt-à-porter collections. While the haute couture models continue to be reserved to a small group extremely wealthy customers and are tailor-made for this, Prèt-to-wear pieces will soon be accessible after the fashion shows of the broad masses.

Some of these designs is processed into ready-made clothing that is later offered in standard sizes and large quantities at retail. Here, the objective is to offer fashionable attractive, well- portable mass-produced at affordable prices. In addition, arising from the Prèt-to-wear designs but also designer collections that differ from the ready-made clothing especially by more unusual cuts, quality materials, better processing and a more differentiated system size.

Such designer fashion course, you can purchase directly through the shops of the designer – Wolfgang Joop, for example, sold his “Wunderkind ” models in the center of Potsdam . Alternatively, provide many outlet stores the opportunity to acquire quality remainders, production surpluses or faulty ranks of previous seasons’s collections at reasonable prices.

Some large retail chains in the textile industry have their clientele also provided the opportunity for designer fashion by repeatedly offer short-term limited editions specially designed clothes for them. However, anyone who thinks he has to be clothed from head to foot in Designerstöffchen to keep up fashionably can be mistaken. Sometimes it is enough an exclusive handbag, a scarf, belt or upper part to bring an outfit from the rod to the fashionable date.